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Check these out, Hydraulic Winches

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Has anybody heard of them!!

YouTube - Runva 2-speed HWP10000 winch.wmv

I see they are being sold in Aus now!!
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Pretty sure the OX was from Mile Marker?? Good reputation
I dont think TJM do them anymore, expensive and SLOW, but have some really big advantages too.
Im keen at those sort of prices
They make 1 and 2 speed I think
On group buy maybe no rope or fairleads to save weight
Freight will be the killer
under $1K theres no duty or GST so individual orders MAY be cheaper.
CNF (actually C and F) means cost of goods and freight to port named, insurance and duties etc etc all extra.
Need to be clear how they plan to send em.
Their idea of bulk buy might be by the container load

I will have a container coming from US in next few weeks but its very hard to get small stuff put into it
Someone here mentioned Nissan HICAS pump with more capacity used for rear steer on some cars might be and option
Im assuming it swaps over for original??
Anyone know who to talk to?
The bulk buy was for 10 or more, so would not be to hard to get that. but over the $1000.00 limit so GST and duty payable.
Just looking at these prices, the individual sample price $430 will be around the same or a bit cheaper than a 10x bulk deal.10% GST then 5% duty

Do they come as a kit inc hoses and fittings? (to suit nissan as Im pretty sure they are wierd size threads on pump)
Is the solonoids integrated or separate?
Yep thought so
I sent a mesage to dgr address
Hope to yarn later on maybe
Yes but direct import is almost half price. Of course without support or backup.
I got price for 2 speed from Runva - US$535 del to Sydney
$50 EXTRA to put it into a container I have coming from China in a few weeks!!!
1 - 7 of 37 Posts
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