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Chinese alternators any good?

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My Patrol GU 3.0 diesel alternator packed in and I took it to the auto electrician for checking. I was informed that the alternator was to be replaced. Costed me $450. When I picked it up, there was no nameplate on the alternator so I asked the supplier what brand it was. It was a name I never heard of, but it has a 12 month warranty.

It is very noisy at low rpm's, but goes quieter at higher revs. Maybe it is just the pitch of the noise that change. It concerns me.

Does anyone have any experience with these ebay-type alternators?
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Mate try this mob.
Ashdown-Ingram Australia - Automotive Electrical & Thermal Control Parts

They should be able to get the parts you want.
If you need bearing any bearing shop should be able to supply them.
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