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Chinese alternators any good?

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My Patrol GU 3.0 diesel alternator packed in and I took it to the auto electrician for checking. I was informed that the alternator was to be replaced. Costed me $450. When I picked it up, there was no nameplate on the alternator so I asked the supplier what brand it was. It was a name I never heard of, but it has a 12 month warranty.

It is very noisy at low rpm's, but goes quieter at higher revs. Maybe it is just the pitch of the noise that change. It concerns me.

Does anyone have any experience with these ebay-type alternators?
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Good luck getting parts for it, better off trying to get a couple of stuffed ones and make one good one, other than that I have a 100 amp ebay jobbie on my 4.2, looks identical to the hitachi, no issues at all, been nearly 12 months now, got a 110 amp spare in the shed supplied by the auto leckie as a warrantyreplacement for the stuff-up on the original repair, looks like it had a vac pump on the back, but the shaft was machined, and theres a rubber plug in the back now.
Christ just buy one off ebay, or get two if your paranoid about it failing. like I said, more than happy with my ebay jobbie., as are dozens of others. You'll still be ahead, even on buying spare parts and rebuilding the old one esp after you factor in labour by a auto lecky for the rebuild. You have to be mad to buy new from nissthief. $1350 for a $400 alt is crazy. Nissan must have Ned Kelly managing the parts division.

Check out the wreckers bound to get one somewhere, or try and adapt a late model falcon or commodore 110 amp jobbie I think they are a 2 wire. or get price on a Leese Neville 140 amp from as used by kenworth trucks, sometimes you can get these big alternators comparatively cheap from the trucking parts distributors, minor mods to the mount, I think for foot spacing, google/ebay are your friends in this.

You're more likely to get stuck in the simpson desert with a broken alt drive belt.

Q. Are you likely to be in the simpson desert? or is that Just an extreme example. You are much more likely to be 25 kays from home when it fails.
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kmostert1 take a spare alternator and fuel pump this time ;)
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