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diesel tuning module from chip express

anyone tried one of these Nissan Patrol 3.0 DI 158 PS 354 Nm | Diesel Tuning with CHIP Express™? or what is the best unit to use? there are so many units availabe it is hard to know which one a person should buy.Also would these units help decrease EGT ect or increase??:cool:

Before158 PS116 kW / 156 bhp
After192 PS141 kW / 189 bhp
MaxPower207 PS152 kW / 204 bhp
Torque354 Nm261 lbf/ft
418 Nm308 lbf/ft
472 Nm348 lbf/ft
472 Nm348 lbf/ft
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Well not sure but I presume so this is why I have asked if anyone has purchased one, am waiting to hear back from the to see just what the unit controls such as fuel only or fuel and timing ect. Their figures sure seem good enough.
bought one, cost A$650 land in sydney. the reason i bought one was this is a plug & play 'digital' unit. i was told some chip units ( like dtronic) which need to be wired to the fuel pump are not digital mapped. in fact, i can get those cheap no digital chip lots more cheaper. but for the peach of mind i get this one. i will try to install it this Saturday. will provide some update later. i still dont understand why things in australia can get so expensive. i was in europe where performance chips can be really cheap to buy especially for those popular cars.
installed the chip ( plug in between the pump and the original cable). no addition wiring needed. took about 15 minutes to install (plug and play).
test drive the car : wow! it drives like a totally different car! no smoke ( use default setting). try to drive very hard in short uphill ( 100 meters) only egt get about 430 ( about 40 more than before). but the car is really 'fly'.....
Chipit only do CRD.

Sounds like you had a good win for the price on your DI, well done mate.
they have chips for both DI and CRD and the price is the same.mine is 160ps DI vp pump.
the chip come with mid range setting ( those figures quoted from their web). i have done CC inter cooler, egr , dawes and needle valves plus snorkel. i am very happy with the car now. pre chip installation, the car returns ( no tow, 3 people on board) about 10l/100km on free way conditions.
the chip express is a very good alternative. i have been using it for few months. with 3" CC intercooler, and the chip my recent trip showed very good performance: i have averaged either 10l/100km, or with a camper ( about 1T all load up) 13l/100km fuel economy with average spped 100-110km 2000km trips. it gives plenty of power and at the same time, with reasonable EGT and boost figures:
no tow: 7-10psi, 340egt at 110km curise
tow with a camper (1T) with 3 people on board: 8-14 psi, 360egt, OD off at 100km/hour, or up long hill from sydney to newcastle hwy, i hold the car at 90km/h with 14psi, and 420egt.
Nissan Patrol 3.0 DI

Power: 160 PS (118 kW / 158 bhp) / Torque: 380 Nm (280 lbf/ft)

Option: VP Pump / 09/2004 Onwards

Year: 2006 / VPC-System VPC-NISSAN
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