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Chris's 92 Mav

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G'day guy's
This is my first try at an edited video of my mav from different trips.
92 maverick petrol with front locker, 4" suspension and 35" simex ET's.
(UPDATE) This is now my second attempt :rolleyes:

Hope u enjoy it

Cheers Chris.
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After finally getting sic of the constant noise my fan was making (the fan hub seized up about 6 months ago lol). I actually got off my backside and changed it.
Think the fan was a little overdue too :rolleyes:

New fan and hub to go back on.

The old hub after I finally got it off (think I smashed my knuckles about 80 times)

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The old girl made it to 300,000 on friday.

So to celebrate the milestone I took it on a daytrip covering some of Neerim, Noojee and back to Wesburn again.

This was an old railway tressle near Noojee.

We found a nice hill as the last track of the day.
All 4 cars on the trip winched to the top, was dark by the time we got to this track so sorry about the poor pic's.

These were taken on a light sensitive setting on the camera (think I needed a tripod lol)

Dan on the rock's

Me waiting down the bottom.

Me heading up the hill

The point we started the winching from

Matt (Mattyj) having the winch set up for him.

Rock kisses on Matt's sill.
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At 300,000 kms perhaps a bottle of Slick 50 or Nulon & the fan's been replaced will you be keepin her?

Pics come up O.K
The full album for the day is here.
But didnt get many pic's, to busy driving he he.

This is a vid of me driving up to the winch point (sorry its a bit dark)

And this is the winching operation ( bit dark but you can hear the undercarrage getting a good workout lol)
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Tarzan said:
At 300,000 kms perhaps a bottle of Slick 50 or Nulon & the fan's been replaced will you be keepin her?

Pics come up O.K
Yeah Sam, dont think I could part with it yet. (plus I dont like the idea of smashing up another car lol).
Think a heart transplant is on the card's, but will wait till it die's (maybe 400,000 ;) )
looks like an insane track chris! and the rocks never look steep in the pics. ull have to go there during the light some time a get some real pics.
Wow looks like fun track.
Yeah it was a good one, would like to head back in the daylight.
Small update,

Finally got off my backside and got my front recovery points sorted out.
Just had to find someone with a big enough drill lol, thanks Marcus.
Now have an eyelet for the winch to hook onto and a rated hook on each side for Snatch recoveries.

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Couple of pic's from the last couple of trips out.


Got it back on the rim ok.

The hill

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Bit of an update.
Had my first minor issue with the winch..
The controller would wind out but not in. Borrowed a mates controller and it worked both ways, so got us out of trouble (as I was winching him from behind after he burned his winchmotor out lol)

So I decided to wire up an incab switch because a new controller was going to cost me $180.
But as it turns out, it was a problem with the earth inside the controller. So now that the incab is all wired up with a new earth, the controller works both ways again lol.

The 3 plugs across the front of my solinoids are what I tapped into (In, Out and earth in the middle.

I wired up a on/off switch to only have power with the ignition is on.
Also has a light to show its on.

Had to use a duel pole rocker switch with earth running back to the winch and to the dash.

The finished product.
Would like to swap the switches around but need to find a smaller rocker switch.
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And have headed out on a couple of trips.

Drove the full length of the great alpine road.

And a couple of different trips around the Neerim area.

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nice pics of the mall crawler:rofl:
nice pics of the mall crawler
Ha ha, thanks mate. I do go to the shops in it sometimes lol.

Couple of pics from the weekend.
Headed out on a trip with my usual Group and 4wd action magazine sent a photographer along to get some pics. Hope to see them in the mag one day.
Was a bit of carnage on the old mav, 4 new dents a busted tail light/bent bar and I burst a brake line 3 quarters the way up a nasty climb. That was fun :rolleyes:.
Hopefully Ill get a copy of the photographers pics at some stage, but these are from my camera.

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