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Hi guy
88 GQ patrol wagon

was originally a TB42 carb

then was converted to a Holden injected 5.0l

is now converted to an LS2

I'm having problems, used a killer Kustom Kables stand alone loom, when picking up ignition feed at the barrel (white with black trace), I ran into a problem where the engine started but would not turn off via the key, found the wire in question has a constant 6v feed, disconnected it wired directly to ignition barrel, worked great for starting and shutting down engine, but lost indicators and have no dash power for illumination, speedo, oil, water gauges all dead.

now I've narrowed the feed down to the N02 IGN relay beside battery, remover this relay from the circuit (unplug it) run "WB" wire back to ignition and I get indicators back engine starts and turns off as it should, my question here is what does this relay power and is it needed the wiring has been tampered with for at a guess the wiring of the 5.0l engine, I still don't seem to have power for the dash gauges and illumination (park lights work fine) , I can't test if speedo is now working as haven't driven the car yet.

Any help would be much appreciated

thanks Tassie
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