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Nissan Patrol GQ RB30
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Hi Members,

I am new to this forum.

I have a Nissan Patrol GQ RB30. It's a carburetor model with dual fuel.

*Is it possible to keep the dual fuel and convert this car to turbo EFI?

*Can I use a Skyline EFI kit to do that?


* Do I need an EFI kit from a VL commodore?

* Are there any guides, documentation about the type of turbo conversion I'm after, either this forum or anywhere?

* Do I need to rebuild the engine bottom end bore, piston rings, etc to be able to handle the turbo conversion?

* Do I have to get a new heavy duty clutch for turbo conversion?

* Can the RB30 the gearbox handle the increased power from turbo without damaging itself?

Thank you for any help & suggestions.
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