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Hey all,

Well after doing some more serious consideration about our originally planned trip to Broome over the Xmas period, we've decided to be a little bit less ambitious and head for Coral Bay, Monkey Mia and Kalbarri over a 2 week period.

Since we're doing not even half the amount of KMS originally planned to Broome and only staying in 3 main places, i'm a little less concerned about what to take and more interested in things to see and do.

I'd love to get out and do as much 4x4'ing as possible and keen to see as many things/sites/places including places that are 4x4 only.

I'd love to get any recommendations/tips/advice from everyone on places to see, things to do and great 4x4'ing to do/see whilst up there.

*please keep in mind with the 4x4 stuff that we only have the one car, some recovery gear and that my Troll is pretty stock at the moment*

The same details from the last thread about the original plan for broome will be posted below as well.

I'd like to take the time to thank everyone who gave me advice/tips etc in the last post

The floor is now open :)


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Trip Details: Coral Bay, Monkey Mia, Kalbarri

Christmas Holiday

Holiday duration: 2 weeks
Departure date: 26th December
Perth return date: 9th January
Total KMS driving below: 2715kms
Extra KMS driving around: 1200Kms
Total Guestimated KMS 3915Kms


Allowing approx 1000kms (Both main and sub tank)

Assuming average of $1.30 per litre costing – will be cheaper in Perth and may be cheaper up there (Doubtful)

Total fill ups: 4
Total Litres: 480
Fuel Cost $624

*Note* Total fill up's does not take into account leaving with a full tank (main and sub)


Nights staying: 14
Guesstimate Cost:
- Coral Bay 6nights @ 36 p/n $216
- Monkey Mia 5nights @ 35 p/n $175
- Kalbarri 2nights @ 30 p/n $90

Total Accommodation cost: $481


Total meals @ 3 meals per day: 45 per person
Guess cost @ $10 per meal: $450 per person

^^^ Doesnt seem right? That would mean we would be spending over $800 on food!?!

Details of ‘The way there’

Perth -> Coral Bay

Perth to Geraldton

Departure: 26th Dec @ 04:00
Arrival: 10:00 (approx)
Distance: 433kms
Time 5H 30min


Stop for morning snack / lunch

Geraldton to Coral Bay

Departure 26th Dec @ 10:30
Arrival: 18:00 (approx)
Distance: 706Km
Time 8H 2min


Peoples Park Caravan Village
Stay - 6 nights
Check in: Sunday 26th Dec
Check out: Saturday 1st Jan
Cost: $36 p/n Powered Site


Coral Bay - > Monkey Mia

Departure: Sat 1st Jan
Arrival: Sat 1st Jan
Distance: 580kms
Travel Time: 7H 42min


Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort
Stay – 5 nights
Check in: Saturday 1st Jan
Check out: Thursday 6th January
Cost: $35 p/n Powered Site / $28 p/n Unpowered Site


Monkey Mia -> Kalbarri

Departure: Thursday 6th Jan
Arrival: Thursday 6th Jan
Distance: 399Kms
Travel Time: 5H 11Mins


Kalbarri Anchorage Caravan Park
Stay - 3 nights
Check in – Thursday 6th Jan
Check out – Sunday 9th Jan
Cost - $30 p/n Powered Site / $28 p/n Unpowered Site


Kalbarri -> Perth

Departure: Sunday 9th Jan
Arrival: Sunday 9th Jan
Distance: 594Kms
Travel Time: 6H 45Mins

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List of gear we have / still to buy

List of gear that we have / still to buy.

This will be for a rough list of things that we have. Major things, not things like how many knifes and folks we have ect lol

What we have camping wise:

1 x Black wolf turbo 300 tent
1 x 3x3 Spinifex Deluxe Gazebo
1 x Fold up table
1 x Self inflating queen mattress
1 x Portable gas stove w/ small gas (4kg?) bottle + Lantern attachment (and spare wicks)
1 x Coleman lantern + Many torches
2 x Fold up chairs
1 x 60l esky - may not take due to engel fridge to be purchased
1 X Engel 40l Fridge/Freezer (MT45)

Other camping:

knives / folks / plates / cups / chopping board / bbq mate + tongs
Sheets / pillows / quilt
Anti mozzi / fly spray + burning sticks

What we have recovery / 4x4 wise:

1 x Max trax (pair)
1 x set of staun tyre deflaters
3 x shovels (1 short handle, 1 fold up, 1 long handle)
1 x air compressor
Recovery straps: Bridal strap / snatch strap / shackels for them
Few ropes & tow rope
heaps of spare fueses + electrical & gaffa tape etc + soldering iron/solder + full toolbox
3 x handheld UHF radio's
Jumper cables

Still to buy - Definate purchases:

1 x full length roof racks
1 x engel fridge - Purchased 13/11/2010

Still to buy - If $$ allow before the trip:

1 x GME TX3340 UHF
1 x Dual battery setup
1 x Scanguage
1 x High lift jack(?) + Jack/Shovel mounts for the roof racks

Recommended spares to take:

(Please suggest)

Spare tyre
Spare hoses
Tyre repair kit
Patrol to be serviced prior to leaving
Fan Belt
Hose clips
Jerry can for water

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Go up there heaps with work and Hols, indeed just got back from 2 weeks up that way doing the Coast and Wildflowers.

OK... Xmas time... Be prepared to do the bolt if a cyclone pushs down as some of the roads can wash out etc.

Personally I would maybe spend a day or so less in Kalbarri and def less time in Monkey Mia so you can squeeze a couple of days at Carnarvon or thereabouts.

That will also allow you to stop at say Carnarvon on the way up and Kal on the way back (Perth to Coral Bay is a loooong hop and 50% of the road is boring as bat****)

Coral Bay. ... be very careful at night from Carnarvon to Manilya and Coral Bay as there WILL be stock on the road plus lotsa Roo's
Very limited 4WD other than the Coast Track up to Cape Range NP and Exmouth which I thouroughly recommend. This track starts just out of Coral bay and heads North along the coast thru Cardadia and Ningaloo Stations then thru the Bombing Range and if you cross Yardie Creek thence thru Cape Range NP to Exmouth. Heaps of terrific bays and beaches to explore plus the visitor centres in Cape Range NP and Shothole Canyon etc. Be warned that the track thru the Bombing range is rough but doable in 2WD high ( I only used 4WD H to get across Yardie Creek)
If you go south you can call in at Warroora Station and see some of the coast along there

If you go to Exmouth along the coast track go early with the sun behind or right of you as that is the best scenery. Exmouth for a late lunch and look around at Tantabiddi etc and back to Coral Bay on the Bitumen

Monkey Mia
Ok, I have to admit that I hate Monkey Mia (thieving Nazis the lot of em) so that aside the best things to see are a drive up to the tip thru Francois Peron NP and make sure you drop into Big Lagoon on the way. Mainly 2WD but a bit of 4H in the soft sand patches.

In Denham make sure you check out "Ocean Park Aquarium". It's on the road in on the LHS. Worth every cent of the admission. Eagle Bluff is nice at sunrise/sunset and near town there is a track around the back of little Lagoon that goes to a nice beach.

The stromatalites are worth a quick look as is the memorabilia at the old Station museum at Hamelin Pool.

The only other "4WD drive" is the road out to Steep Point.

Don't miss the Gorge attractions and also Rainbow Jungle Avairy. There is also the Seahorse Breeding Mob if that interests you.
Lots of touristy spots along the coast, a track along the river on the southern bank and some beach driving in places but not much else unless you head out to Murchison Offroad Adventures for a day

Carnarvon (I'll try and talk you into this)
Quobba Blowholes are awesome if there is any sort of swell running then a drive thru Quobba Station to Cape Cuvier and Gnarloo will let you see some fantastic sites like Cape Cuvier (follow the Korean Star Wreck signs) Red Bluff and Gnarloo Bay (allow a full day)

South of Carnarvon take a trip thru New Beach and Bush Bay but follow the tracks off to the beaches etc to get the best of it.

North of Carnarvon a day spent exploring the Orchards etc plus a 4WD thru to Miaboolya Beach and other hidey holes is fun... there is a mob that do homemade Icecream on the Orchard Trail and that is to die for ('cept the Choccy Dipped Mango)

East of Carnarvon is Kennedy Ranges and Gascoyne Junction but a day trip will be HOT that time of year so maybe stay near the coast. Don't bother going to Rocky Pool unless you are going all the way to Gasy J and Kennedy Ranges. Dunno why it has a good write up in a lot of Websites as it is rubbish.

Hope that helps... :cool:

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The wife and I have done Exmouth,coral bay,Kennedy Ranges then onto Mt Augustus.
That was at the end of Sept and the start of October.
Can say that Exmouth was Very hot for 3 days 40-42 during the day then cooled down to 36 very nice.
Agree with the Evil twin about the blowholes awsome to see with some swell around.
Kennedy Range will be fairly hot and the flys will give you the absolute sh#ts while the sun is up anyway.
Coral bay very nice would go back there again, Exmouth I could take it or leave it.
We did Mandurah to Carnarvon on the first day was we had only 11 days for hols(the wife is a chalky).
The track from Coral Bay to Ningaloo is rough as guts in sections took us about 2 hours for the short drive just remember to leave gates as you find them.
It will still be fairly warm up there then aswell.
If going to Exmouth and you want fresh fish without catching it yourself call into the Kallis fish factory on the out skirts of town. You cant miss the joint its on the Gulf side and they have a big PRAWN out the front

the evil twins comments are so true
OK... Xmas time... Be prepared to do the bolt if a cyclone pushs down as some of the roads can wash out etc.

Personally I would maybe spend a day or so less in Kalbarri and def less time in Monkey Mia so you can squeeze a couple of days at Carnarvon or thereabouts.

Will post up my fuel usage for the trip and the prices that we paid on the way up over the weekend for you to gander at.

Hope you have a great time.

Xmas time for us is to head south down to Esperance then to Israelite Bay for a week.



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fuel prices that we paid for our trip.
25/9/10 Geraldton $ 1.249
26/9/10 Carnarvon $ 1.439
28/9/10 Exmouth $ 1.568

We ended up doing 4411 km and used 565.64 litres of desiel.
12.83 l/p/h
The patrol was loaded with 3150 kg of weight and coped a strong head wind home.
Roof rack with side awning on top, loaded with chairs,tables and camp beds.

Hope this helps with your budgeting with fuel.



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Evil Twin had me worried about Carnavon until everything he said is outside of Carnarvon! No one would want to go there!

Coral Bay is a must...i got engaged there Nov last year so its sentimental.....Exmouth another must...I live there so im biased!

Steep Point is another Fav heading there in Feb.....I think its worth the 3 hours of corrugations and sand hills!

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RE: Advice posts above

Wow, once again I am amazed at the amount of responses and the quality of the information within them!

Thanks heaps for the replies above guys!

We bought some more gear for the trip on the weekend. The 4wd and adventure show was in Perth and we got:

1 x 40l Engel Fridge (MT45)
1 x 8l Mini engel (portable one)
1 x Transit bag (insulation) for the MT45
1 x Engel Stand
1 x Engel wired thermometer

Plus the following little goodies:

Engel Pen
Engel Knife
Engel glasses
Engel hats
Engel stubbie holders

for $1150 - We had to pay for the engel glasses lol

Also picked up the engel mount-lok for $75

Not bad for a weekend :D

@ The Evil Twin

Thank you heaps for the massive amount of information on the places we are planing to go. I'll sit down with the mrs's later on and have a look at the places and recomendations you have suggested. I know a few of them are already on the list. We're also looking at spending a day or two less in a few places in order to see a few more spots. But i'll update our route list when we know


Thanks dude for the info. The fuel averages and pricing + the average consumption is going to be a massive bonus of info in planning how much $$ we are going to need to have aside for fuel etc.

I'll be keeping a list of how much we spend on fuel + the fuel price and work out the average usage and post it up here when i get back as well. Its good to see that you got quite a good average fuel usage with roof racks and a loaded up patrol. I'm hoping that I can archive the same as well!

@Gu Rich

Thanks mate, i'll add these to the list to see/do as well :)


Thanks mate, Steep point is def on our to see list. We'll be adding things to our list from the recommendations below :D
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