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Cracking noise under power

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G'Day all,
Here I go again trying to explain one of those noises that you can never surface when im with me mechanic! I have a 2005 4.2 TD GU Cab Chassis, 4" lift with suspension mods drop boxes, HD lower control arms etc to return angles to how they should be.
Anyway, it has only started to do this recently (last 4-5 months) the sound is a loud cracking noise when I put the foot down from stand still & does it both in forward or reverse hubs enguaged or not & coming from the rear of the truck. Thinking driveline, tailshaft, diff?, but Im no mechanic so would anyone have any tips on a process of elimination/ simple checks that a simple bloke could do?

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My 01 Patrol has been doing this for about 4 years - I still haven't found it!
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