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Crazy tacho tb42

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I have a 1991 tb42 efi and the tacho is going crazy with the key on reds no engine running it bounces from 0rpm to 6000rpm and back and stops in the middle somtimes.The motor runs fine once you have started it but still the tacho crazys.How do you test the tacho where is the feed coming from is there a general problem these have any help would be good thanx:headwall:
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And whats the best way to wet the joints if this is the problem?
if your refering to the connections that have dried out on the cluster,
they will need to be re soldered.

just for a bit of refference,
i just had my GQ cluster 'refurbished' and new senders put in and it cost me $400.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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