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If its like the one out of my GU1 then the globes described in that link are different. That link states that the globes are T10 globes.

Ive just done mine and the dash cluster takes 6 T5 wedge globes, the heater controls takes 2 T5 wedge globes and the cigarette lighter and ashtray take short T5 wedge globes.

I would highly recommend using the SMD LED T5 globes as they produce more light than the single LED globes and they are a little shorter which is usefull in a couple of the spots.

I havent converted any of the switches yet so I am unsure what globes they take.

I got all mine from Bright Lights Auto Parts - Welcome to the home of Bright Lights Auto Parts at a fairly reasonable price.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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