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welcome to the forum mate

the dawes valve will set your boost level. screwing it all the way in will see your vehicle make the most boost possible. safety wise you dont want your maximum boost to be anything over 15 or 16psi.

to answer your question no it is not normal, that is a very fast spool rate, which you possibly already know. to keep things nice and safe you want a very linear boost curve i.e 6psi @1500rpm, 10psi @2000 and your max psi @3000. this rapid boost will do damage over time yes. your needle valve will adjust your spool rate (how fast you make boost). from what i have read if you have setup these valves correctly, have the needle valve all the way closed on idle and then slowly open it so the vnt arm moves off its stop. it should take you about 3 or 4 goes ( it took me about 150000000) but patience paid off and fingers crossed i have got it right.

i have only just installed these myself and still very much a novice, but have been helped out muchly by doing a bit of a search as there is plenty of info to go around.

good luck mate.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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