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Hope someone can help me...I have had boost issues (upto 25psi) for a while now so on Monday ad a dawes valve fitted by my mechanic. He has done quite a few so should no what he is doing.. He fitted it then went for a test drive (I was with him) and after a few adjustments got the boost set to 15psi on the gauge. I drove home no worries.. Later that day took off again and all fine till the car reached operating temp then the valve seemed to 'stick' open allowing upto 25psi again.

I used to get turbo whistle at idle but don't anymore but seem to get more spooling up and down noise. The down spool noise is almost like a BOV. I havent found any leaks in the system or valve. Car has 3 inch exhaust (no mufflers or cat), welded intercooler and a DP chip. There is no needle valve fitted. I guess the question is can a dawes valve get stuck in the open position? I am thinking if it was stuck open then its back to the factory control and the factory settings?

Thanks in advance.
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