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nissan patrol gr year 2000
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I bought a Patrol 2.8 about 18 months ago specifically for desert travel. I know these seem to be looked down on by many but the truck has been reliable so far. And I have to say I love it. I have crossed the Kalahari and Namib solo and am taking it across the Western Sahara in May. So far very reliable and very pleased. Bit underpowered (but then so is any Landy) but has coped well with weeks of sand dunes.

I am in the UK so desert takes some getting to. Just wondered if those of you with desert on the doorstep (well, almost) can suggest any really essential mods. So far all I have is the following:

3" lift
OME suspension
Spare battery hooked up to a solar cell.
Home made sleeping platform and storage.

I sleep in the truck and all the kit sleeps in a couple of pop-up tents. A real pain shifting it all every day but it means I don't need a roof rack. Been wondering about an ARB front bar, but they look heavy enough to suck away significant payload - less capacity for fuel and water.
Considered a long ranger tank but worried that aftermarket stuff might not be wholly reliable - jerry cans don't go wrong.

Any thoughts much appreciated.
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