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Heh all, HELP, my better half's car has been at the mechanics for about 3 weeks (don't know the damage yet). i replaced the 1.3 with a 1.6ltr engine and she will start but will not idle, rocks the car to hell, coughs and farts. checked the vacuum hoses, all seem fine no leaks, checked manifold, no leaks, changed out O2 sensor on exhaust, no change, compression is good, spark to all plugs (found out the hard way yesterday..ooowwww), pulse to all injectors they seem to be working. once you revv it up which usually takes a bit it runs fine at 2000 rpm take the acc off and rough she is again...any ideas have thrown it out there at a few forums about and tried a few things but still no go....

startin to rain up here and the better half's is not a happy lady.....:confused:.......gunna stuff about with it today...cheers for anything...
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