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Hey guys,

I have a TD42 turbo running Diesel gas injection.

My economy has been sliding downhill and tonight I kept my latest fuel figures and km's.

Last tank stats.

75L Diesel
9.3L Gas
8:1 ratio Diesel to Gas
470Km - 15lr(Diesel)/100Km

Now, from memory, when I fill up my tank I was putting in 15-17lt of Gas.

I also had noticeably more power and better econ, getting 550k a tank (13.6/100).

Q1. How do you adjust the gas usage? I understand it uses the manifold pressure to regulate. I have checked these lines and they look pretty good and tight.

Q2. What is the optimal ratio of Diesel:Gas ?

Q3. I am nearly ready for a complete tune up (pyro last to install). Do you get a diesel tune done before you then get the gas looked at or the other way around or does it not matter as it should self regulate on vacuum??

Q4. Anyone want to recommend a Gas/Diesel dyno tune place either South Brisbane or near Bowen Hills?

Sorry for all the questions!

Thanks for any replies!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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