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DIESEL POWER Modules for GU Patrol 2.8L, 3.0L and 3.0CR Motors

KPD Industries Pty Ltd are proud to announce a new relationship with DIESEL POWER Germany.

This company has had a 20 yr ongoing relationship with both diesel and petrol tuning technology and are at the forefront of plug in performance enhancing modules for your vehicles.

We have modules available for:

2.8L GU Patrol - wire in direct to ecu:

info here:

3.0L electronic injection GU patrol 2000-2005 - wire in direct to ecu:

info here:

3.0L Common Rail 2006+ GU Patrol:

info here:

The modules come with all instructions for fitting and are a great addition if you want to tow big loads or just want to blow a few commodores off the line. The modules are adjustable via a rotary switch making tuning for your specific driving style extremely simple. The advertised outputs are at the recommended settings. More power can be produced by dialing in a higher setting.

The technology behind the modules are a closely guarded secret but in basic terms there are two types of modules depandant on the motor. One works passively using sensor information and the other is active over the fuel rail. The module work by gathering data from the ecu, modifying it to produce a more optimum detonation in the cylinder by sending the data back to the ecu and then off to the injectors. These modules unlike others in the industry do much more than increase fuel rail pressure and fuel quantity.

I have had an association with the modules for over two years with excellent results in many different applications.

A recent customer sent back this feedback to me - granted it was on a JK Jeep but it will give you an idea of one persons experience with DIESEL POWER - Steve from WA:

" ...Well having had some experience with the TDC chip this past two years I couldn't wait for your reply and installed the new DPM on my two door JK CRD Auto.
I set DPM to about 16 (up from 9). As you would expect the first thing I did was take it for a squirt. Flip!!!

BIG improvements!

1. Super smooth and strong "push" of power.
2. Virtually no turbo lag and even motor idle and engine tone when cruising.
3. Heaps more get up and go than my stock CRD.
4. It blows away my TDC in every aspect including power.
5. In combo with my straight thru muffler quite simply the best JK mod I have made...."

If you would like any information about the modules or would like to order one please contact me on 0428 292 839 or by email info @

Patrol 4x4 members will recieve 5% off RRP of $899 plus free shipping. = $854.05. This offer is valid on all orders placed and paid for prior to 30th November, 2010.

We are also a dealer of Beaudesert Exhuasts and can supply a package price delivered to your location.

With our pricing being about $600 less than DP Chip our Diesel Power Modules are definitely the best quality and value for money on the market. The modules are made exclusively in Germany using military grade circuitry and are housed in a water resistant housing making them perfect for our Australian conditions. There is nothing Chinese about these Modules.

I currently hold stock of all modules but do turn them over, so if I haven't got them in stock it will take about 3 days to get one to you.

There are over 600 different applications world wide for DIESEL POWER, with around 130 applications in Australia alone.

We also resell to the trade and are currently looking for dealers Australia wide. Please contact me for more information.


Dan Kozaris
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