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Hi all.
Just enquiring about dif ratios & retro fit from GQ to GU dif centers.
I have just bought a GU3 TD42Ti & am rehauling the engine. I still have my GQ & will be selling it but before I do I am transferring mods from it to the GU.

I have transferred my 37's to the GU and assume that the 3.9 dif ratio on GU will be incorrect for running these tyres. I wouldn't know as I bought the GU in a "non running" state.

Firstly...Are the front & rear difs interchangable between the GQ (4.6 ratio) to the GU (3.9 Ratio)

Secondly....if it is compatible, does anyone have speed to rev specs for a GU with standard wheels & 37's even 35's?

Thirdly....What is a sweet spot RPM for a GU TD42Ti at 100 to 110 km/hr?

Any close specs will help tremendously.

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