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I'm trying to work out what different size diff there are and their spline count.

so far i've got

G60 Font C216 ?SPL
G60 rear H260 ?SPL Heavy Duty model
G60 rear C216 ?SPL SWB

MQ/ MK Patrol Front C200 29 Spline, 1.20" shaft
MQ/MK Patrol Rear H233 31 Spline, 1.26" axle

GQ front H233B 31 SPL
GQ coil rear H233B 33 SPL
GQ leaf rear H260 37SPL

GU front H233B 31SPL
GU rear H233B 'small' 33SPL
GU H260 'large' 37 spline
GU H260 'large' 34 spline, full-floating
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