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G'day Guys,

I've been reading some of the build threads with interest and thought it was a great way not just share but get some ideas from my mind into writing. This, I've found helps with decision making and may help others who are so inclined. It's a great way to get feedback and ideas from people who have been there and done that. I welcome any and all feedback!!

I previously owned a Ford Ranger 2016 model and liked it but had a change in jobs and didn't need the vehicle nor did I want the repayments. So I sold that. The intention was to build a capable weekender with some longer trips a couple of times a year.
I wanted solid axles as it was going to be off road more than on road and specifically the Victorian High Country.
I wanted a wagon for the ease of cleaning, sealing etc. Dual cab tubs are full of holes and PIA to seal and keep clean.
I wanted the 3.0Lt as it is cheaper to buy and marginally cheaper to run.
It will largely be used by me, solo. So I don't need creature comforts like power windows or heating in the back.
I settled on the wagon after a couple of months of looking at cruisers and patrols and the myriad of IFS vehicles. I went with a 08 3.0Lt, DX wagon earlier this year, pre-COVID.

The vehicle came with a factory 2 inch old man emu lift and it looks like it has a castor correction already too. No leaks on the shocks but they have seen their best days and damping leaves something to be desired. It has a factory snorkel and breathers, which was nice. The stock intercooler is leaking.

I serviced it straight up. Dropped the oils and was pleasantly surprised by the condition of the diffs and gearbox oil. No stink and no chunks of metal on the drain plugs.
Engine got a fresh oil change with a flush treatment. New oil is Penrite 10W-40 Semi Synth.
Filter changes showed some concern. The air filter was shagged completely as was the seal for the airbox. (credit to Geeyoutoo with the clark rubber fix). Oil filter looked alright.
Temperatures seem fine on the coolant but I'll be doing a flush and change when I get a chance.

After servicing the drive line the next thing I decided I needed was a set of draws. Went and picked up some Titan draws and put them in. Things were good until a creeping thought kept entering my mind...Weight. Those draws were heavy and I got me thinking about the overall weight.
I know the value of lightness and what effect it can have on performance. Particularly when it comes to "The big 3" reliability, economy and power. So I changed my mind about what was going to be put in or on the vehicle in future. In fact I went back to a blank slate.
I took out the draws, cargo barrier, second row seats, second battery, spotlights, light bar and associated wiring and roof racks. Between the battery and draws alone there was 100kg. Cargo barrier about 17kg. Seats might be 30kg. Lights and roof racks might be 15kg. So about 160kg removed. Pretty happy with that.
This reduction in weight meant that I can now start the rebuild with a clearer mind and not have to work around what already existed.

Everything going back in will have a mind to keeping weight down. Careful consideration will be given to each component and what its value will be versus its weight.
The list so far looks like this.
Suspension - Shocks and Springs - Uprade with internal bypass shocks and new springs for the load.
Intercooler - Welded tanks and a fan - Improve intake temps and overall reliability - New boost gauge
Exhaust - 3 inch with pyrometer - Improve EGTs and overall reilability
Catch can - Provent 200 - already fitted
Tillix boost controller - Regulate boost for better reliability
Tune - To deliver better performance with updated hardware and software

There will be a dual battery system but i'll be going with a lithium set up for weight savings, packaging and performance.
I'll be fitting a winch. This is because I'll be primarily using this vehicle solo. I'm also not a fan of snatch recoveries if there is a safer way. But I'll still have the recovery points as its all about the right tool for the job. Sometimes a snatch is the best way to go.

I'll be adding pictures as I get things done

TL;DR Lightened my patrol by pulling stuff out. Trying to keep it light while putting things back in.

Again, feedback is welcomed and I hope the reading of this was not too onerous.

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So I've encountered an issue this morning. I've taken the steering column shroud off to have clear access to high beam wiring for some lights and when I've removed the bottom shell I noticed a plastic ring sitting in foot well. That wasn't there before.
Looks like the imobiliser module has broken in the past and it has been put back together rather shoddily by prev owner. Taking the clam shell off the steering column has put some stress on the copper wire that makes up the outer ring and has broken that wire. Imobiliser now will not let the car start.
Has anyone encountered an issue like this before or got an idea on how to replace the module?
I've contacted Nissan and they have the module at their warehouse for the princely sum of about $350. I contacted a local Patrol specialist and they reckon i' might be up for a new barrel and imobiliser.
I was thinking that a replacement module could be installed and then the old key programming could be done and all would be good.

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I've been in touch with a auto locksmith who has told me that all i'll need is the key reader module pictured above replaced. Once I have that he'll be able to reprogram it. I've found a local wrecker with the same model year I have so hopefully this part will be intact and usable. See how we go.

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Success!! Got it running again. Its a pretty straight forward fix in the end.
I did a fair ring around looking for a wrecker for the 08 GU and couldn't find one nearby. There is a wrecker about 1.5 hrs away that had one for $80, however. I didn't particularly want to drive that far or pay that amount for what in my mind was a cheap part that could be sourced elsewhere for cheaper.
I had a look through the Nissan part catalogue and found the part was common to Navara 08 onward and possibly Pathfinder. I took a trip to the local wreckers and wandered around looking for the Navs. All of them had that module removed. No patrols in the nearby wreckers either. Then as I was leaving a Maxima caught my eye. I cracked open the steering column and EUREKA!

The Nissan Maxima has the same key reader. Removed that and paid all of $16 for it.

Got home, chucked it in the Patrol. Turn the key and it cranks but no turn over. Do a quick reprogram. Lock the doors, key in and out 6 times in 10 seconds, unlock the doors. Key back into the ignition and it turns over first go.

So there you have it. I'm back to where I was a week ago, hopefully with a more reliable ignition system though.
Part number - 28590C9968
Name is - Antenna Assembly - Immobilizer
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