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Do not buy a TDC PowerBox CR plus

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Do not buy a TDC PowerBox CR plus for your CRD off Ebay. I bought one for my Patrol CRD and one for my D22 CRD. Not quite 2 years later and they have both blown up. They are not a reliable unit and have both failed in the same way.

Steer well clear of them if you see them on Ebay.

Purchased a chipit unit to replace the one on the patrol and will now do the same for the D22.
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Hi guys. Thanks for the tip. Bye the way what about DFAS?? Any one put one on a Patrol ZD30 engine?
Well as i study and seen more coments about chip, than stars on the sky. I decided to by a DFAS for my ZD30. So will see how it behaves... ;)
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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