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do WHEEL SPACERS destroy/snap axels ??

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hey guys

i want to get a set of 2" wheel spacers for my gq y60 mav but my mechanic rekons that they snap axel's and possibly ya wheel can come flying off..

who uses thease things and are they safe ? i know they are illegal but are thy a safe modofication ?

as ill be running a 6" suspension lift and a 2" chassis lift.

please let me know,

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bung some GU diffs in it,that will give ya some width
hahahah the old 2inch lift with 33's, sometimes no matter your skill you cant avoid needing lift. my mate has a shortie with 3 inch lift, and 33's and he still bottems out and gets stuck soometimes. an extra bit of lift and 35's would see him clear it easily.

i love all those rock crawlers with 2 inch lift and 33's
1 - 3 of 21 Posts
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