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do WHEEL SPACERS destroy/snap axels ??

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hey guys

i want to get a set of 2" wheel spacers for my gq y60 mav but my mechanic rekons that they snap axel's and possibly ya wheel can come flying off..

who uses thease things and are they safe ? i know they are illegal but are thy a safe modofication ?

as ill be running a 6" suspension lift and a 2" chassis lift.

please let me know,

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Use these and it will be OK

Hub centric wheel spacers. They are no worse for your vehicle than larger offset rims and larger tyres. Also no less safe too providing they are torqued up properly and threadlocked.

To clarify, these wheel spacers are the evil bad ones which kill young families and cause child prostitution to go unnoticed in the community:
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Why do you feel you need wheel spacers? Cant remember the last comp truck running them.

3inch lift is legal
Plenty still do overseas and here.

Many of the buggy types need them to get the wheel base they desire.
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