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do WHEEL SPACERS destroy/snap axels ??

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hey guys

i want to get a set of 2" wheel spacers for my gq y60 mav but my mechanic rekons that they snap axel's and possibly ya wheel can come flying off..

who uses thease things and are they safe ? i know they are illegal but are thy a safe modofication ?

as ill be running a 6" suspension lift and a 2" chassis lift.

please let me know,

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Hopefully this thing will never be seen on Victorian roads. :badidea:


This thing is my mud rig. only times its seen on road is to get 30km down the princess out to my 4wd trails, over 16,000hectares of the ****.
30km is plenty of time to kill someone in a completely unroadworthy vehicle. Hope you don't take passengers with you on the trails. Why not try and stick to the rules?


wanted to make it as tallas possible, and as wide as possible.

just guna fit the 6" lift, no wheel spacers and no 2" chassis lift.

Just been looking up pics of patrols with 6" of lift and any bigger is just too big.
If you want lift, then do this, at least it's fully legal: Nissan Portals.
What you plan to do now is completely illegal, if taken on any gazetted road.


1 - 3 of 21 Posts
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