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Just wondering if anyone has had anything to do with the Dobinson shocks and what they think?....only using them for the back and comfort isnt a big deal for me.

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no other shock gets close to dobinson..
what a load of ****.
bilsteins, koni, SRC Shock, and numerous others are just as good and most are better. Depends on about 50 variables like conditions, usage, car etc etc etc..

theres threads here with every brand of shock failing.

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For the money they are a good shock. They DO NOT like being bottomed out as they do not have internal bump stops.

"no other shock gets close to dobinson.. i used many and seen many, many others fail and leak..
second best would be the TJM XGS shock.."

that statement is a very long stretch of the bow offroadjack ....

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i , and most people will know that KONI and BILSTEIN are the ducks nuts!
they don't stick em under big boeings 747 and rally/racecars for nothing!
like you said conditions,usage,car plays a big role in choosing the right shock.
PERSONALLY i have fitted many,many TJM XGS kits and never ever did we have a comeback due to a failing shock!
same with the dobinsons, eversince i have the 4-6 " suspension kit from BIGO4X4 wich has the dobinson springs and shock i cannot fault them! works bloody awesome both on and off the tarmac.
just my 2 cents worth.....
everyone has it's own set up that he likes but like i said, i have seen many fail when it comes to durabilaty.
and for bilstein... i would never use a monotube shock on a 4B!!
and yeah. if you can afford to stick the big KONI'S on it , YES they are the best! and fully rebuildable...

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et4wd uses Dobi's in his GQ comp rig (probably still does). And I know they've copped a hammering in the motocross style of comps it does.
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