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DP Chip.....What setting???

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Hi people,
just scored a cheap DP Chip and it seems to be working a treat. I have it set on 5 and am just wondering what others have theirs set at.

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I did some runs up and down a section of Freeway at 0 (off), 2, 4, 6, and 8 and monitored the EGT, Boost, Water Temp and Fuel figures on my Scangauge.

Whilst it may vary significantly from vehicle to vehicle (I have 3 inch zorst, 33's and EGR is not yet blocked) I found that 6 to 8 seemed to be the best combination of driveability versus power and economy on my rig so I split the diff and it is set on 7.

Driveability will always be a subjective opinion tho and I will also be interested to see what effect blocking the EGR has...
7 is good for me.. 8 is ok.. but have to keep an eye on egt's more!
Great point Vince... 8 was where I noticed the EGT and water temp start taking off as well

Craggit has an EGT gauge but for others... I also seriously recommend an EGT on a Chipped Engine (almost mandatory) as the EGT's can get pretty high pretty quick esp at low RPM's when the Chip is punching in more fuel than "factory"
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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