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Hi cowboy, whether you use one or two batteries, both MUST BE cranking batteries, even if the second battery is only going to be use to jump start if you flatten or damage the main battery.

Again, whether you use one or two batteries, best practice when winching is to have your motor on high idle at all times, and winch for 60 seconds then rest for 90 seconds and repeat as many times as needed.

Another suggestion, if your going to the trouble of fitting a second battery, again make it another cranking battery and use it while cranking.

There are some major benefits to using two batteries while winching.

The obvious is that you have more battery capacity but what is not so obvious is that the additional battery capacity translates into higher operating voltage while winching.

Plus, because you spread the current draw over two batteries, you only draw half as much capacity during the 60 second winch operation and because your alternator can easily charge two batteries at the same time, you will replace close to double the used capacity during the 90 rest period, and this means by adding a second battery, you actually get a 4 fold improvement in winch set up.

Also, because your not going to ba as hard on the batteries, they tend to have longer life spans.

As far as using a cranking battery for powering your accessories, this is not a problem as long as you try not to discharge the battery below 50% SoC, a cranking battery will work just as well as a deep cycle battery and cranking batteries are cheaper.
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