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Hey Mate,

I've always run my winch off of just the one battery and now the battery is screwed. . . . I have to sit it on the charger every 3 or so months because it just lacks in it's ability to hold power now.

I always have the rpm up about 2000 whilst winching which helps, but it's certainly very beneficial to have Dual Batteries.

So i've installed dualies and am using an AUX battery which is almost exactly the same as my starter. . . Heap happy with the setup

I just have a Redarc Smart Solenoid, joined the batteries together and installed and override switch to switch to 24v whilst winching. Also installed 2 Volt Meters so I can monitor what the batteries are doing.

I also chucked a fuse box on the AUX battery just so i can run accessories if need be.

my batteries are both a CENTURY N70ZZ and a CENTURY N70 . . . . practically the same battery.

If you can afford it, and have the know how. . . . definately do it!

I can post pictures if you like.

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