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eastern states comp map

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Is there such a thing as a map with all the 4x4 parks and competition events in the eastern states, Ive just moved to central QLD and am not familiar with park names and places. Cheers.
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Id be interested in something like this aswell...i went to the rocky winch challenge last year at seonee park, was good, hoping to get down for Cliffhanger this year if can get time off work, would be pretty wild i reckon..

But would be good to see all the smaller stuff that happens on coast...and in our area.
Yeah, no doubt...but not big fan of cleaning mess i dont make so this is the reason i am in none of these clubs in our area.. is only club i need i say..

By the way i seen ya wagon drive past mine yesterday. Pretty sure was yours anyway, roof racks, black wheels.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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