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I ran Koni 82's on my Shorty GQ. The front ones have now been on my brothers GU for 12years. Back ones bent the shafts and not worth repairing.
On long outback trips with deep corrugations. I could get them to over heat in about an hour. But generly I would just drive on the soft edges of the tracks for a bit and drop speed a little. They would col down a bit and you can feel them come good again. At the time. Other shocks would just cook themselves. And they would be done for the day. My Konis just kept on coming back for more.
Mine worked pretty hard as I had pretty soft coils and the car was quite heavy for a shorty. As I had a PTO winch that hung out the front along way.
Car was jumped a couple of times and used to land nicely most of the time.

If I was to buy again I would want 90series. But at that price I can buy OME BP-51's. Which I have now and they have been great. They are due for a rebuild though. As I have compression set to hardest and I want abit more. And rebound needs to be wound up also. As I get just alittle to much bounce sometimes.
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