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Swapped out the alternator and broke the plug shown as No 1 on this pic (pic is adapted from someone's previous post).

Had a look at the manual but can't identify the plug, or plug Number 2. Car still goes, but I would like to replace the plugs. No 1 plug seems to be part of the nut that screws into the housing.

Also, anyone had any luck with fixing the TD42 overheating issue? I have put a new radiator in but the motor still gets hot under load. Will invest in a high volume water pump if they actually make a difference. I note three different thermostats are for sale.

Lastly a tip, the little vac hose off the back of the alternator vac pump can perish and split and when this happens you suddenly lose your brakes, so it is well worth replacing.
Long thread but there is some good info once you decipher it. Maybe start at the front and work backwards for latest info.
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