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Hi guys,
Just my 2 cents on my ELKO injected gas system for my 1999 TB45.
Got it fitted in May and initially really happy with it. Still a power loss compared to petrol, but not that much. But after a few weeks the hassles began. Loss of power, rough running and so on. After having in fitted in Brisbane I was now back in Melbourne and got it checked at ELKO head office. The car got the initial blame...of course! Some adjustments later I was on the way. Richer running didn't change it though. So a week and quite a few unreturned phone calls later it went back for the day and came out with a new gas injector block, the original was faulty. A "sorry"? No way. Anyway, a few weeks after that the idle got a little rough again at times. It varies quite a bit. But trying to find a gas installer that has ELKO is not that easy. The rough idle eased up a little and I just lived with it for a bit as having ELKO look at it means having to leave the car there for the day, easier said than done if you drive it every day. I changed sparkplugs, leads and had the valve clearances done. Solved? No! Went to another gas installer today and they too don't have ELKO software! I was told by the initial installer they were great, Aussie company with good customer service and parts easily available as they are in Melbourne... NOT!
Either way, it'll have to go to ELKO again for a check as it drives me nuts! For a barely 6 months old system it has caused me plenty of headaches so far!
My 2 cents, go for the Italian brand or sprint gas, just about every shop can help you with those!
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