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Hi Everyone,
Just after some advice from a td42 expert,
My Nissan GQ has a oil leak that has steadily got worse. After cleaning up the mess and looking for the leak with a torch etc, I've found where its coming from.
Under the exhaust manifold (approx. where cylinder 2 is) and behind a engine bracket, is a lump of what looks like JB Weld with oil that seeps out when the engine is running. This then drips down the sump, onto the front drive shaft and then everywhere else after that.

Now I jumped online, found some images of a td42 block and there appears to be a silver bolt head/ welch plug or similar in this area. I think this is what the JB Weld is covering, and where the leak is coming from.
Attached is the image of my JB weld/ leak and also an image of the block picture i found online with the silver thing circled.
Can anyone help as to what this is? I'm really hoping I don't have a crack in my engine block that someone has tried to fix cheaply, then sold me the vehicle!
Any help appreciated,
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