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Eng shutting down and high idle

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Hi to all,
My father has a 05 patrol ZD30 and on the weekend he experienced some engine shut downs whilst going through a hilly pass doing 80 - 110 kmh. He said it just died even under power. He coasted to a stop and started with no probs and noticed that the eng revs were high, about 1700 rpm. He got going again and within 10 mins it died again. He wasn't far from my place so he pulled in.

I suspected the AF sensor, as I read about a fair bit about them on this site, (thanks to all those who contribute, credit to you all). I'm concernded this could be the start of the end, going on the reputation of the ZD30's.

My Uncle has done in an engine on his, although his is an 03. He has fitted new new eng now and blocked egr, not sure what to think about that. He thinks we should do the mod.

My question is: am I looking in the right place (AF sensor) or is it not so bad and maybe the Throttle position sensor?

Any help appreciated
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Hi rumcajs,

Thank you for your post I'll look into it.

I have learned a little more on this subject. I was not right in saying the eng was shutting down under power. I spoke to my father again and he said he was changing back gears, both times, from 5th to 4th and then it died. There were no waring lights.

This then got me thinking about what rumcajs said about conflicting signal to the EDC. I disconnected the 2 plugs on the throttle position sensor and then started the engine. Was then idling normal. Reconnected the plugs and started, idling at 1700rpm.
What does each of those plugs do? One is brown the other grey.
There is also a separate sensor on the pedal, I am assuming off throttle sensor?
Could this be leading to faulty TPS or off throttle sensor, how do I diagnose?
Thank you rumcajs,

Will check it out. I'll let you know how I get on through this thread, may not be for a few days though.
Hi all,
Finally got around to following up the suggestions, rumcajs was kind enough to pass on to me. I had to be a bit of a contortionist to get into position, take the readings and press the throttle pedal. There must be an easier way.

Anyway, it all checked out good. So I plugged them all back in and started the eng. Idling normal again. Thinking there must have been a bad connection on one of the plugs.

I reckon let it go for a while, see how it goes.

Thanks again rumcajs.
A follow up message nearly 12 months on, my father has not had anymore trouble with high idle, etc.
I don't log on often enough and had forgotten to get back to those that helped out.
So just to round off this thread I would like to thank those that contributed. :cheers:
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