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gday, only new to this forum. just bought my stocky 92 swb gq 4.2 petrol about 3 months ago with 200000 on the odo. the engine is in fairly great condition and i havent had any sort of problem with it.
however yesterday i took her through about a 7-8 metre stretch of water 30cm deep at the most i didnt thrash it through their but i took it sort of hard. i got to about halfway and i noticed the power dropping and the revs falling until finally it stalled about a quarter from the end. tried starting her and she would tick over while pumping the accel and the revs would go up to about 2000 - 1500 rpm but would then just straight away die again. i left it for a bout 5 mins and tried starting it again and it started no worries and has been running fine ever since. just wandering if i could please get an opinion on what this could have been? splash in the plugs or distributor possibly was my thought?
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