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Engine splash guards - Anyone use them?

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Hi all.

Matt had his alternator rebuilt yesterday and the auto sparky said the old one was full of mud and stones - completely shagged.

In addition, a constant fluid leak from the PS pump had rendered the electrics pretty well knackered.

The PS pump, etc. can be sealed but this won't stop mud and ****e getting in from underneath.

We have the original splash guards in the shed and can put sheet rubber in the wheel arches to provide better protection.

Question is.

What do you guy's do about this?
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this is pretty funny, matts dad is asking for tips to seal matts mk engine bay, and matt is providing advice on how his dad sealed his mk engine bay. lol :D

try search the whole forum for threads on this, im sure its been covered many times in the general of GQ sections. probably easier to just make cleaning out the alternator part of the post-4wd cleaning routine (or starting one!) though. closing in the engine bay may start some overheating problems etc.
not the right Matt ;-)
yer i knew that, im just pointing out that matts dad found a solution that the other matts dad can use 8)
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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