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finally a question :)

i am swapping a sd33 for a sd33. i hope a good one for a bad one.
the engine sits in a Land Rover series 109 station from 1973.
i have to move a lot of parts from the old engine to the new one.
now i noticed that where the price axle from the gearbox go,s in the sd33, the old engine has just a hole. no lose things in here.(in the middle of the flywheel).
in the new(hahaah) sd33 there is a lose piece of pipe? in the hole. i can move it with my fingers but i can not get it out.
is it broken? or was the old engine broken?or missing parts?
forgot to make some pictures i hope its understandable.

haaaaaaaaa i found it, its a pilot bushing whom was missing at the old engine and is hanging lose at the new engine. now i have to find it here in Holland.
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