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Hi guys,

havent seen one started yet, but id like to get along to a forum meet up this year!
but again, i was also thinking of taking it to the next level, and my idea was...

instead of doing a 'meet up' we do a cruise? and depending on if people can do it of course..

but instead of having a 2 day meet in 1 location, we could organise a 5 - 6 day event, family event.. wives, kids, pets etc..

im thinking of doing it towards the end of the year,

but it would be good to get a group together and do a trip from say Adelaide to Lake Eyre or Adelaide to Camerons Corner or something similiar?

providing its possible, tracks are open, its not supper soggy wet etc..

i thought this would be more of an interesing thing for most guys, so its just not a Adelaide group heading to 1 location, but guys from the likes of the Riverland, York Peninsula, Wallaroo Area, Bordertown, The Bridge, Victor etc could also attend.

anyways, what are your thoughts / idea's?
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