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I know that everyone is going to say piss them off however after a few hairy experiences in my Jeep I would like to keep them.
Problem is when off road do I set up some simple disconnect system to get some flex or do I make up some extended links to lengthen the current sway bay. (I now have 2" body lift and 2" spring lift and the sway bar is very close to shocky.)
Any thoughts on he best way to go?
Has anyone seen any commercial offerings?
Any one fabed up their own?

Have owned most, MQ, MK, GQ/TB, GQ/TD, GU/ZD and now finally GU TD42Ti
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I can hook my MK shorty around pretty much any corner, and it'll start sliding before rolling over... No sway bar ;-) the leafs are so stiff, that the added roll is quite minimal

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I extended the front swaybar links on my MK after breaking a few u bolts with it off.
Pretty simple process, just get 2" longer link bolts and some appropriately sized steel tube for the spacer.

I was going to replace the spacer on one side with a spring, two washers and a couple of pins for a simple sort of disconnect, but never got around to it.
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