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hi guys

after trawling the web for countless hours looking for a decent priced snorkel availiable in the uk! i decided to go down the diy snorkel route, i have had such a success with mine i will be taking orders for a couple of months, pics will be up next week!

they are made out of 90mm alloy no welds required as the pipe is custom bent, you can choose your gauge of pipe up to 90mm max, also you have a choice of a mushroom top or safari style ram air top, the snorkel will come with brackets and one 90 degree silicone bend. they look heaps better and much stronger than a plastic safari! final price will be around £160 plus postage, if i can get the price down more i will!

just trying to gauge interest at the moment! will post worldwide, if your interested PM me feel free to ask questions!


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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