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Fault with 1999 Patrol 4.2l Turbo

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On Sarurday I completed the Sand driving part of the 4WD Driver Training Course with my Club, (Nissan Patrol 4WD Club of ACT & NSW), was a great day up @ Stockton Beach & the sand dunes.

My vehicle went very well, right @ the end of the day, The Radator hose sprung a leak, the reason, Nissan use a Cable tie towards the bottom of the hose to hold it in place, so that the hose is held away from the AirCon pully.

Without that cable tie holding the hose back, it comes in contact with the pully, thus it cuts into the hose. I was able to do a quick fix with some "rescue Tape" to get me home.

2 points to come out of this, 1) I replaced the hose & cut 2 tenths of an inch off the bottom for a better fit, which increases the gap between the hose & AirCon Pully.
2) I have read the manual, no where does it give any info about this problem. Nissan need to look @ fixing this, using a 25 cent cable tie could end up costing huge dollars to be recovered if your in the outback.

I'll call Nissan Australia in the morning.

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As an aside to this discussion the guys who did my radiator clean out a couple of years ago did not correctly relocate the pegs on the bottom of the radiator into their grommets. The result was that the clearance between the hose and the aircon pully was insufficient and when the engine was loaded heavily the pulley would contact the hose. It would be worth checking PeterC as when fitted properly contact would be close to impossible even with the offending plastic clip removed.
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