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G’day all. Just fitted 105ah Fullriver agm battery in back of wagon (2000 4.5). Hard wired a Projecta 15A, 7 stage charger to it. Ran 40l Engel for around 50 hrs till voltage dropped to just under 12v. Plugged in charger and was fully charged overnight. Next fitted 100A Redarc, used wagon for coupla days without plugging in charger and all good. Plugged charger back in and fully charged in ½ hour or so. Spent the last five days camping around Steep point, Peron peninsula area, no 240v for this time. Cold beer at all times and, with a couple of hours driving each day, Fullriver not dropping below 12v anytime. Get home Friday arvo and plug charger in. 2 days later still charging with meter fluctuating around 14.0 & 14.1v (aux batt). Car won’t start. Check all terminals and wiring etc. Jump start car and drive for hour. Won’t restart. Disconnect isolator from start batt. Check voltage at Redarc, 13odd v at both terminals! With isolator disconnected, jump again, drive for another hour or so. Still won’t crank enough to start. (Checked redarc again, no voltage at where start batt should be connected this time). My Dilemma is this – Start battery is 3 years old. Did it just die a natural death after coupla hundred K’s of corrugated tracks, or is redarc faulty and will fry new battery, or (worst poss scenario!) have my “passion fingers” done it again. Have rechecked my efforts against wiring pictures (ok), and can’t work out why even if redarc stays connected with engine off, that projecta wouldn’t just recharge both. Although with redarc disconnected from start batt, Fullriver recharged in ½ hr. I reckon it’s got to be old dead start battery, but given the timing, having just done isolator install, thought I’d pick the collective forum brain before I do any more damage like cooking a new start battery. Sorry about long post, but any input appreciated.
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