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I am new to the forum and the Patrol. I am located in Port-au-Prince, Haiti and get most of my vehicle support from the U.S. or Canada. I purchased the vehicle from a U.N. surplus sale. The vehicle is a 2004 with 125,000+ Kilometers and in pretty decent condition.The VIN is JN1TCSY61Z0544661. There are no owner's manuals or technical manuals with the vehicle. Engine compartment placards are worn beyond recognition or missing.

First, can anyone assist me with determining engine model/displacement based on the VIN?

I have two fuel tanks and what appears to be two in-line fuel filters in the engine compartment. The downstream filter has a water sump on the base. The upstream is completely in Japanese and it does not look like it gets changed very often.

1) If anyone has any recommendations for good aftermarket filter products, I would appreciate the input.

2) Does anyone know where I can find a technical manual for the vehicle? The Nissan dealer is making it impossible to acquire a manual.

Any information is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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Hi McHenry,

I believe it to be a Y61 Patrol and if it's a UN vehicle in Haiti, it's probably got the TD42 motor (4.2 Diesel)

I will find a link to the manual for you
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