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Looks like it has a bit of grunt. I wonder where youd mount the thing to avoid radiation exposure. Can you put it on the top of a long pole for remote coms?

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Going by the website, there will be two versions available, one for more stationary situations (eg. in a van/donga/etc) or car.
Car one will tower hop faster.

You would be mount any type of antenna to it, and bigger may not always be better, as the big problem comes from the small 'internal' antenna interfering with the larger external one (would make a loop if too close).
More info here on types of antennas and interference: Testing Different Antennas With Cel-Fi GO

We have 3 of the old skool black Fixed internal ones here at work, and they work surprisingly well, as long as you keep the window bit far enough away from the active bit.

Have a read on the Blog bit for more info.

Oh, and I am assuming they must be purchased through Telstra, and the telco will have remote access to shutdown/disconnect/ramp signal up/down if needed.
This is generally a good thing as they can monitor if one unit is flooding the tower or knocking others off.
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