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fitting a 6.5 v8 turbo to a 2.8

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my 2.8 is a little asthmatic to say the least anyhow ive got a good v8 6.5 chev turbo engine here and can certainly make it fit.

is there an adaptor to the 2.8 box or do i find a zd30 box??

as the td42 is very scarce here.

alternatively is there a better gearbox i could use?

I can get propshafts altered and weld on engine mounts.

i see theres a good site from poland which do conversions.

any more info would be appreciated. Thanks

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Hey mate,

I am no genius on this matter and there will be more knowledgable people along soon.

But there is no way on this earth that the 2.8 box will handle the power or torque from a V8 6.5 Chev, let alone a turbo version. As far as I know the 3.0TD and TD42T gearbox will both handle the Chev with out a problem.

I thought the 2.8 box was a good one??? there used at the drags eg: V8 KILLER RB30 [email protected] creek 600Bhp pass's @ low 10's with a salisbury diff no prob as of yet and possibly alot more tho ranging from supra's box's tremecs etc my point is you have top loaders box's accompanied with 9 inch diffs with a big reputation of being very strong but are blowing up just as much or more (personal experience) then you have the tremec 6speed & turbo 700 out of vx commodore etc there not rated and have the occasional blow up in just a tradies ute stock ls1 ute at the same time you have legal 1/4 mile street comp racers throwing huge kw figures with brass button clutch's and big racing slicks at these box's tremec 6speeds n turbo 700's without fail...
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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