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fitting new lower trailing arms

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any secrets on how to do it before i go out there? or is it just a case of unbolt the old in with the new?

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Mate, couple of things I learnt from doing mine:
1. Bolts and nuts connecting the old arms to your diff will be tighter than the proverbial nun's. I had a bastard of a time undoing mine, even with a large breaker bar. Only way I got them off in the end was by putting a trolley jack under the end of the breaker bar and jacking it up...
2. you will need to jack up the back of your car to take the load off the rear. Tyres dont need to be off the ground but you want it to not be under load.
3. If you have a long range tank you will need to remove it to get to the bloody nut where the trailing arm joins the chassis ><
4. If they are the same length do them individually. If longer do both at once. You may have issues bringing the diff housing far enough forward to get the pins in for the new arms. It can be a real bitch. best solution I found is wack a ratchet strap around your front diff housing and back to the rear, then ratchet the bastard forward until you can get the pins in.

Hope that helps :)
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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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