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Hi guys,
The Forensic Services Police Bush Safari is a not for profit organisation which is officially backed and authorised by the New South Wales Police Force.

The Forensic Services Police Bush Safari organises a Trek to the Outback and other locations which is orientated for families and friends. The Forensic Services Police Bush Safari is governed by an official committee which meets regularly, with an Annual General Meeting held within the first half of every year. The committee consists of 3 serving Police officers, an Ambulance officer and other dedicated persons whose interest is raising money for organisations which require community assistance.

The Safaris are held over the September/October school holidays between the 3rd and 4th term (NSW school holidays) and venture to areas including Outback NSW, Victoria, South Australia, together with areas of Queensland including the outback and central Queensland. We are not restricted to these areas alone; however being accessible logistically within a two week period is our only limitation.

Along the way a fun packed adventure is organised including, Morning Musters, Raffles, Games, Trivia Nights, Camp Fires, Fancy Dress Nights, Outdoor Movies, Bush Ironman Events, Talent Nights and wrapping up each trip is a final night Dinner with an Auction. We also avail the services of the small towns we stop in by allowing them to serve us a delicious evening meal with money raised going back to their respective community. If we are on a daily trek with limited supplies en-route a BBQ lunch will be arranged known as the "Dead Man's Cafe" serving sausage, rissole or steak sandwiches to satisfy your appetite.

The Forensic Services Police Bush Safari is not a race but more of a leisurely stroll through the country side taking in the sites along the way. It is a great way to see the outback with all the support required including NSW Police a representative from the NSW Ambulance, a mechanic to get you out of trouble if it should arise and lead and tail vehicles to ensure everyone makes it to the destination with safety. These are things you don't have if you venture on your own.

If you have any questions relating to the Forensic Services Police Bush Safari, please contact the Chairperson by the email [email protected] or PM me. Please visit our website for pics of this years trip and for info on next years trip.

The Forensic Services Police Bush Safari is An Adventure to Die For!


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