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hi there, i have a MK patrol that has the nickname the DEMON

its been to hell and back, been put through the worst things posible
and still wants more.

so now the old L28 motor and 4spd gearbox has been pulled out
to make way for a 300hp 302 ford windsor running a C10 auto

current mods include
a 4 inch suspension lift and 2 inch body lift
GQ front guards
35inch simex centipedes x5
has been cut into a duel cab
has a half roll cage consisting of a centre and rear hoop with roof supports
WRX STI front race seats with harnesses
7 inch fold out DVD with 6 inch splits and 6x9 in the rear
and of course the rego is FORMUD

when i work out how to post up some pics i will do so,

damage done so far
jumped it over 3 metres in the air and bent the front diff housing badly, replaced
front guards, replaced with GQ
bull bar bent, replaced with a modified TJM bar
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