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A quick write up of the fridge slide install that i've recently 'completed'. Hopefully it will help someone.

Bits used :
18mm ply marine (470 x 800 to suit waeco slide)

ply to slide

  • 9 x m6 x 25mm hex bolts
  • 9 x m6 nylon nuts
ply to floor

  • 1 x m6 x 50 mm
  • 1 x m8 x 50mm x 1.25
  • 1 x m10 x 80mm x 1.25
  • washers to suit
keeping in mind that i bolted the slide to the ply, and then the ply to the floor the only 'tricks' are getting the ply-to-floor holes in the right spot while still being accessible with the slide attached.

Measured the first hole and drilled. Then screwed in the bolts to the floor, laid the ply on top and gave it a good tap which put a small dent for where the subsequent holes needed to be drilled. (got that tip from this forum - thanks). Countersunk the ply-to-slide bolts by hitting them into the ply which worked...

The biggest challenge with the project was finding the bolts needed and then tracking them down


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