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Front Brake Recall

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I lost brake pressure a couple of weeks ago so i took the car off the road. I've just found the time to see what the problem is and its the brake hose going from the axle to the hub is leaking. My dad told me that his patrol did that and there was a recall sent out.

The recall was created in 1996, will it still be valid today?
And how do i check if mine was fix?

PRA number: 1996/3008
Date created: 6th December 1996 Product information

Product description

Hardtop And Coil-sprung Cab-chassis Front Brake Hoses DurabilityWhat are the hazards?

Component Failure.What are the defects?

Shape & Routing Of Front Brake Hose May Cause Material Fatigue When Subject To High Mileage & Extreme Steering Conditions Causing Fluid Loss & Brake Failure.Where the product was sold

  • Nationally

Nissan Motor Co (australia) Pty LtdWhat should consumers do?

Contact the supplier undertaking the recall action.

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Mines got a recall sticker in the front drivers door jam,done in 2001.Not sure what for though.
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